Love for photography

This is Marvin Blunte, an american living in Thailand and helping a primary school named Moo Baan Dek. This school has around 166 students. Of these, 44 were orphaned, 16 were homeless, 15 abandoned, and 48 coming from broken homes. He wants to introduce to these kids the love for photography. He is teaching the teachers of Moo Baan Dek how to use a camera so they can teach this to the kids. Marvin is also giving very good cameras to the kids. His dream is that these kids can express their feelings trough the cameras. Kung, the principal of the school, is also helping this to become real. Moo Baan Dek is 15 minutes far from EW and they needed a colourful place full of life and fun so we kindly offered our area.

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