Day Program (1 day)

_DSC6477 foto 33 IMG_8397 DSC_6071 Mud bath for our elephants

At ElephantsWorld we work for the elephants, instead of them working for us! 

We pick you up at your hotel/guest
house (in Kanchanaburi city only) at 9.00 AM.

  • Arrival at ElephantsWorld. Meet and 
feed the elephants.
  • Observe the elephants bathing.
  • Clean fruit/vegetables, prepare and cook 
sticky rice for our old elephants.
  • Lunch.
  • Gathering / planting food for the
 elephants. e.g banana trees / sugar
cane / banana grass or prepare fruit baskets for the afternoon.
  • Feed sticky rice balls to the old
  • Take the elephants to the river for a 
bath / scrub them clean.
  • Feed the elephants fruit and vegetables.

The day program ends at 3.30 PM and we will bring you back.

Please Note:
Activities can differ each day. 
Every day is slightly different to the day before,
 depending on the needs of the elephants.

Visiting ElephantsWorld is only possible as part of the Day program. It is strictly NOT possible to visit and wander around on your own for safety reasons.

What to bring:
Please remember to bring sunscreen, a hat,
 your camera, mosquito repellent and a change of
 clothes (you will get dirty/wet). 
 Please bring yellow bananas, you will
 make new friends !

Adults (12+)
2500 THB
Children (4 - 11)
1500 THB
Transport to and from the city of Kanchanaburi, lunch, drinking water, coffee, and tea

Payment will take place when you arrive at ElephantsWorld.

* Unfortunately, if you leave the day programme early we cannot give you a refund.

This video gives you an idea about what you will do at Elephants World.

And this video is for our smaller visitors.

Nature ElephantsWorld DSC_4225 DSC_4230 A walk down Banana tree cutting Grass cutting Cutting pumkin for sticky rice