Visitor Information

You can help us with taking care of our elephants by visiting us at ElephantsWorld. It will be the time off your life that you will never forget!

To visit ElephantsWorld you need to book via our booking form, please note that we can be fully booked during holiday seasons and its recommended to book in advance. We can pick you up from the city of Kanchanburi at 9.00 AM.  If you intend to come from Bangkok on the day of your visit we can pick you up at 8.30 AM from the bus station in Kanchanaburi. Alternatively you can come by your own transport to ElephantsWorld. If you come by your own transport, please arrive at 10.00 AM at ElephantsWorld.

ElephantsWorld runs its own taxi service and for your convenience can take you to and from Bangkok. If you are coming from Bangkok, can recommend Sonti, we have had a lot of positive reviews from our visitors.  Also, in our experience he is very trustworthy.  We can book his private taxi for you.  For more information you can call or send an Email to ElephantsWorld.

The prices are as follows:

We offer taxi transfer from and to Bangkok at the following rates :

Price one way Price two way Price overnight       round-trip
Hotel in Bangkok 1-4 pax 2500 thb / 1-4 pax 3500 thb / 1-4 pax 4000 thb /
1-6 pax 3000 thb / 1-6 pax 4000 thb / 1-6 pax 5000 thb /
5-9 pax 3500 thb 5-9 pax 4500 thb 5-9 pax 5500 thb
Airport / hotel close to the airport 1-4 pax 3000 thb / 1-4 pax 4000 thb /
1-6 pax 3500 thb / 1-6 pax 5000 thb /
5-9 pax 4000 thb 5-9 pax 5500 thb

Visiting ElephantsWorld is intended to be an all day experience. If you arrive late or leave early, you are still welcome, but you will be required to pay the full admission price. It is NOT possible to wander around freely around the park on your own, for safety reasons.