Born : 2018 in Kanchanaburi
Gender : Male
Status : is at Elephants World



He is our youngest elephant, as he was born in 26th Feb 2018.



He was born in a trekking camp near Kanchanaburi. Boyok, distracted by her new baby ✨ Sai Yok ✨, was not working to the full of her ability anymore. Their owner decided to bring them both to ElephantsWorld, where they could concentrate on being a little happy family 🐘🐘


🤹🏻‍♀️ FACTS:

Don’t be fooled by the cute looks though! Young elephants are as smart as they are cheeky. Even if they have that face you want to squeeze and cuddle… he will squeeze harder ! Very much like our human children, they are very playful, they will splash in water 💦 mock-charge, etc. to develop their physical and social skills. They are also always looking for the next naughty thing to do and trying pushing boundaries – just like kids do!!

🦸🏻‍♂️ MAHOUT:

His Mahout is Muay Thai, who’s been with him since he was born.

ℹ️ About him: 

Sai yok – whose nickname is ‘baby’ or ‘naughty baby’ is a bundle of cheeky fun. He has not yet realised his size or strength and is naughty (and a little dangerous) because of this – although he does not mean it, he is just like an enormous rambunctious puppy wanting to play!

ℹ️ How to recognise him:

  • His little size
  • His sweet little growing tusks, which also indicate that he is male!
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