Gai Na

Born : 1960
Gender : Female
Status : is at Elephants World



We are unsure where Gai Na was born, either in Kanchanaburi or just across the boarder in Myanmar. 


Gai Na arrived at ElephantsWorld with her mahout in August 2014. She worked in the logging industry but after logging was banned in Thailand her owner found another job for her. In the tourist industry she started to work as a trekking elephant. In one of the camps she worked for over 20 years until her owner sent her to one of the tourist camps close to ElephantsWorld.


When the owner and her mahout saw the conditions she had to work in they decided to give her a better life. Here at ElephantsWorld she does not have to work anymore. Her mahout who has been with her for over 20 years is very happy that Gai Na can live out the rest of her life enjoying retirement here at ElephantsWorld.

🦸🏽‍♂️ MAHOUT:

Her Mahout is Chit. 

ℹ️ Facts about her:

💦Gai Na LOVES the water. Any opportunity she gets she will sneak off to take a dip in the river – the deeper the better. She loves to fully submerge herself and you’ll just see her trunk above the waterline. 

🐘Gai Na is the most gentle and loving elephant at ElephantsWorld. She has a very sweet nature and loves being around people.

🗣️Gai Na cannot speak Thai. She only responds in commands in the Karen dialect, spoken in Northern Thailand and Myanmar.

🍽️Gai Na is very greedy, and people often think she is pregnant… She isn’t, she’s just fat! She loves all food and spends the majority of her day plodding around the park trying to find more food. 

ℹ️ How to recognise her:

  • Short stumpy tail – It was bitten off by a bull elephant that tried to get freaky and she didn’t want to…
  • Split in her left ear
  • Tiny hole in her right ear
  • Beautiful long eyelashes
  • Usually found following anyone with food…
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