Born : 1961 in Sangklaburi
Gender : Male
Weight : kg
Status : is at Elephants World

With each step, our majestic old bull Chaichana carries himself with grace and dominance. He is the perfect picture of an old, sage and strong elephant, who has a lifetime of wisdom and memories behind his eyes. His freckles, from birth but also through long hours under the sun, and his small warn-off tusks, tell the story of his past hardworking life. They show the strength and resilience that has carried him through the years.


in 1961, in Sangklaburi.



As most elephants born before the 90s, he started his life in the logging industry and then worked trekking camps in Sangklaburi.



Chaichana is actually owned by the same Karen family as Jarunee, who finally also brought him to ElephantsWorld from his trekking camp in 2017, offering them both a peaceful retirement.


🦸🏻‍♂️ MAHOUT:

Yero has been Chaichana’s mahout since 2018. They have a strong bond, so strong that Chaichana will not respond to commands from anyone other than Yero. Unless Yero tells Chaichana it is ok to do so, he will not engage with anyone else.


ℹ️ About him:

🎹 He loves music and will listen to Paul Barton playing the piano with great attention. Once the piano starts, notice how his excitement changes to calm and attentiveness.

🐘 He’s quite fond of Booyok, Saiyok’s mother, and they get along quite well. You will often see them together near the mud-bath. He has also been seen courting lady Booyok… 😳 However, Saiyok doesn’t mess with Chaichana and hasn’t yet ventured to play with him or, for sure not, challenge him.


ℹ️ How to recognise him:

  • Being a male, he it quite a bit bigger than the other elephants
  • He has small and warn-off tusks (These were removed long before arriving at ElephantsWorld)
  • He has many freckles, which make him look much more orange


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