Elephant research in Kanchanaburi

We work together with Mahidol University Kanchanaburi and Wild Life Hospital in Sayok. One of their students, Oraya Ketchaisti (21), came to ElephantsWorld to do research with our elephants. Oraya studies Conservation Biology at Mahidol University Kanchanaburi, and is excited for such an amazing experience here at ElephantsWorld. She will conduct this research for three months on seven of our elephants. Her favorite ones so far are Malee and Tangmo because they are always happy!

She is trying to find out if Asian elephants understand social cues. For this experiment she uses two bins and only hides food in one of them. She then tries to figure out if the elephants make their choice based on her cues such as; pointing, gazing or standing by one of the two bins. We will keep you updated on her results!

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  1. I saw the sweet facebook post about Paul Barton playing piano for Lam Duan. Very moving. How long has Lam Duan been at Elephants World? Will she spend the rest of her life there? Thank you. Vivian

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