Volunteering job (for one month)

Do you really want to do something for the Asian elephants in Thailand? Do you want to work with elephants and their mahouts at ElephantsWorld? You can come and volunteer with us! We ask our volunteers to stay with us for one month. Were you will learn and develop a close relationship with our elephants during your stay. Furthermore. It is a great experience to live in the nature and work together with the mahouts and learn more about Thai culture.

As a volunteer at ElephantsWorld your main task is guiding our visitors around. This is a very important job, because ElephantsWorld wouldn’t be here without their support! Besides guiding our visitors you will help the mahouts to take care of the elephants and you will be doing other general tasks (whatever needs to be done).

How do you live as a volunteer?

You will live together with the other volunteers. You will work and take care of the elephants together. This is a great experience and you will learn a lot about Thai elephants.

You will sleep in the ElephantsWorld area. You will sleep together with other volunteers in basic accommodation where showers and toilets are available. ElephantsWorld is situated 32 kilometers north of Kanchanaburi city. The nearest town is Lad-Ya which is about 15 kilometers away. In Lad-Ya you can find internet, ATMs, a post office, local market, supermarkets and a hospital. There are two small shops near ElephantsWorld where you can buy credit for your mobile, some food and drinks.

Of course you can have time off, but this is always in agreement with the other staff.

Volunteer requirements

Are you 21 years or older? Do you love animals and especially elephants? Do you love nature? Can you work in a team with other international people? Are you interested in and are able to respect the Thai culture? Are you able to converse in English?

These are the most important questions that you have to ask yourself if you are thinking about volunteering at ElephantsWorld. We really need volunteers, but it is important that you adapt to working ‘Thai-style’, and respect the culture. Be enthusiastic, flexible, open minded, a team player and cheerful.

Most importantly, you contribute something to ElephantsWorld and have fun at the same time! Do you like the idea to work for the elephants and help to give them a better life?

Send an email to  [email protected]

In the subject please put “Volunteer info via website”
– let us know why you want to come (motivation),
– when you want to come,
– attach your CV.

Your email with motivation, CV and dates will be discussed by our staff and we will send you a reply as soon as possible.

Read our volunteer package for more information.

Want to know what volunteering is all about? Read this inspiring post by our month volunteer Chris Hetke.

For all new volunteers: Our volunteers wrote a blog about their stay at ElephantsWorld. Just to give an impression of the work as a volunteer.

If you have any further questions you can email us on [email protected].

Video about volunteering at ElephantsWorld