Touk ka ta photo 1 Touk ka ta photo 2

Name(s) : Touk-Ka-Ta means Barbie doll
Born : 1950
Gender : Female
Background : Worked in a trekking camp in Had Yai and Ratchanaburi
Status : is at Elephants World

Touk-Ka-Ta arrived at ElephantsWorld in March of 2015. She came from a trekking camp in Had Yai and Ratchanaburi where Kam-Tong also worked. When Touk-Ka-Ta arrived she was very skinny, but to everyone’s surprise she could walk very fast. At ElephantsWorld Touk-Ka-Ta found a place to recover from a hard life. She is eating very well and already recuperating quickly. Her favorite foods are yellow bananas and orange papayas. Touk-Ka-Ta is a very friendly and obedient elephant.

Her temper

  • Eats slowly
  • Likes to eat bananas and papayas
  • She walks fast when she wants
  • Friendly
  • Obedient

How to recognize her

  • Big cut in her left ear
  • Some pink areas with black spots on her ears and neck
  • Holes above eyes
  • Bony back and round belly
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