Tong Kam

Tong Kam photo 1 Tong kam photo 2

Name(s) : Tong Kam means Gold
Born : 1980
Gender : Female
Background : Worked in a trekking camp in Sai Yok
Status : is at Elephants World

Tong Kam came from the same trekking camp as Krating Daeng (in Sai Yok). When she came to ElephantsWorld she had a big scar on the right side of her back due to the seat. She had to wear a seat without any protection in addition to carry tourists around. She got fed one time a day. She was rescued when people realized that she couldn’t work in those conditions. She was malnourished and skinny when she arrived.

She was sent to ElephantsWorld to be seen by a veterinarian. They decided to keep her here until she recovers. She suffers from a hernia and she needs special care. Her mahout massages her every morning. Right here she has enough to eat and we hope she will regain a normal weight shortly. She loves bathing with other elephants and now benefits a peaceful life to spend as much time as possible surrounded with her new companions.

Her temper

  • Likes pumpkins and bananas
  • Loves the mudbath

How to recognize her

  • She rocks her head left and right
  • Big beautiful ears and eyes
  • Wounds on her right side because of the seat in the trekking camp
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