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Name(s) : To-Me means long tail
Born : 1964
Gender : Female
Status : is at Elephants World

In the past To-Me worked as a logging elephant in the forest. After logging was banned in Thailand she worked in several tourist trekking camps. Her owner decided that life in a trekking camp was too hard for her and he wanted her to spend her retirement among other elephants. He decided to donate her and her granddaughter Nemochi to ElephantsWorld in September 2014. He insisted that the two elephants are to stay together. To-Me’s daughter is still working in a trekking camp because she has a different owner. We hope to one day bring the three generations together again.
To-Me and Nemochi were reunited with Gai-Na in ElephantsWorld. She used to work in the same trekking camp with them. They recognized each other straight away and you can always see the three together.

Her temper

  • Friendly
  • Happy elephant
  • Matriarch behaviour with Gaina, Nemochi & Nor Ko Tok

How to recognize To-Me

  • Long tail
  • Looks healthy
  • Straight back
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