_MG_4115 _MG_3479 tangmo

Born : 1950
Gender : Female
Background : Logging industry and at trekking camps in Chiang Mai
Status : is at Elephants World

Tangmo came to ElephantsWorld from a trekking camp in the beginning of April 2014. When she first arrived Tangmo was very weak and skinny. She took some time to recover from malnourishment but now she has gained a lot of weight and is much stronger.

We aren’t sure why but Tango is afraid of water (update: in March 2015 Tangmo started to enjoy the water, see video below). This is unusual as most elephants love water. She avoids going into the river with the other elephants and likes to drink from a hose. Step by step she is getting to know this wonderful place and the other elephants that live here.

Her temper

  • Can be very fast
  • Loves searching for enrichment food
  • Curious and adventurous
  • Very calm and quiet

How to recognize Tang-Mo

  • Very bonny back
  • Brown eyes
  • Rocks her head up and down


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