Somboon 1 Somboon 2 somboon malee

Name(s) : Somboon means Complete
Born : 1954
Gender : Female
Weight : 2621 kg
Background : Logging in the forest / Begging on the street
Status : passed away

Somboon was one of our first three elephants at ElephantsWorld. Before she came to ElephantsWorld she endured a hard working life. After logging in the forest and begging on the street, she finally collapsed in a trekking camp. She was so weak that she couldn’t stand up by herself. A very friendly man heard about her and decided to rescue her and donate her to ElephantsWorld. She and Malee share a deep friendship, spending a lot of time together and sharing everything with each other by trumpeting and tapping their trunks on the ground.

Her temper

  • Likes to drum with her trunk
  • Friendly
  • Jealous
  • Likes to care about her beauty (Elephant Spa)

How to recognize Somboon

  • Torn ears
  • Always close to Malee
  • Beautiful big eyes
  • Skinny face
  • Well proportioned
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