Sao Noi

_MG_2790 _MG_2784 Sao Noi

Name(s) : Sao Noi means Small Lady
Born : 1970
Gender : Female
Status : is at Elephants World

Sao Noi was born around 1970 and was rescued from a trekking camp in Koh Chang. She arrived in April 2016 very skinny having been underfed and worked very hard. Step by step she put on weight and got stronger. She is a smart elephant with a gentle and sweet temperament but can often be stubborn. Sao Noi loves fruits and sticky rice and is distinctive by her pink trunk and forehead and black patch “eyes”.

Her temper

  • Clever
  • Very stubborn

How to recognize Sao Noi

  • Pink trunk
  • Dark “panda eyes”
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