Rom Sai

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Name(s) : Rom Sai means Sacred tree
Born : 1980
Gender : Male
Background : Logging in forest of Northern Thailand
Status : is at Elephants World

Rom Sai is our very strong bull and he was born in the 80es. He worked in the jungle of Northern Thailand all his life. While he was working, a tree branch impaled his left eye, so now he can only see through his right eye.

The President of the Kasikorn-Bank, DechaNgamthanaphaisarn, set up a fundraising campaign to buy Rom Sai from his owners. He was donated to ElephantsWorld in June 2010.

Rom Sai really likes to flirt, spending his time with Somboon, Malee and Kammoon but only Kammoon is his love. He is very close to Johnny, too. He sees himself as his father because only he can calm him down and give him peace. Romsai loves to enjoy his spa time even when it is not hot. Here you can see how flexible this huge bull is and how playful he can be.

His temper

  • Very strong, wants to be respected
  • Likes mud baths
  • Likes to flirt with Kammoon and Malee

How to recognize Rom Sai

  • Only adult male at Elephants World
  • Torn ears
  • Blind on his left eye
  • No tusks
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