Nor Ko Tok

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Name(s) : Nor Ko Tok is the name of a Thai River
Born : 1999
Gender : Female
Status : is at Elephants World

Nor Ko Tok arrived at ElephantsWorld in October 2016. Before coming to ElephantsWorld, Nor Ko Tok was found working in a trekking camp along with To Me, Nemochi and Gai Na in Kanchanaburi province. When Nor Ko Tok was reunited with Nemochi in ElephantsWorld they interlocked their trunks after having being separated from each other for many years. She is always happy to eat any food given to her. Nor Ko Tok loves mud and you will often see her taking a mud bath and playing in the elephant spa happily. She is very close to To-Me and often makes really loud noises to call her when she is away.

Her temper

  • She is playful as she is still very young.
  • Can be cheeky and loves to play with Nemochi
  • Can be very loud when calling To-Me

How to recognize Nor Ko Tok

  • She has a beautiful tail
  • Two small tushes
  • Her back arches in a V- shape like a big bump
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