Hong Faa

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Name(s) : Hong Faa means Swan
Born : 1950
Gender : Female
Status : is at Elephants World

Hong Faa arrived at ElephantsWorld in may 2016. Before coming to ElephantsWorld she worked in a trekking camp with Dok Mai. When she first arrived here Hong Faa was unsettled but this changed when Kanta arrived. Hong Faa took on the role of being Kanta’s adoptive mother and now the pair spends all of their time together. Hong Faa is one of the oldest elephants at ElephantsWorld, she is over half a century in age.

Her temper

  • Spends most of her time with Kanta
  • Likes to walk off or run away
  • She follows Kanta everywhere

How to recognize Hong Faa

  • Pink spots around her eyes and on ears
  • Top of right ear is torn
  • She has a flat back
  • Bump on the front of her trunk
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