Dok Mai

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Name(s) : Dok Mai means flower
Born : 1960
Gender : Female
Status : is at Elephants World

Dok Mai was born around 1960 and was rescued from a trekking camp in Saiyok. She is strong, healthy and very fast but can sometimes be stubborn. She can be spotted in a crowd by her pink colour and beautiful eyes. She enjoys swimming in the river, and especially likes bananas and pumpkin. She likes cows more than other elephants, she prefers to stay on her own but she is good friend with Tong Kam 1.

Her temper

  • Strong, very fast and stubborn
  • Friendly
  • Happily lonely
  • Slow eater

How to recognize Dok Mai

  • Looks very healthy
  • White hair on her tail
  • Beautiful ears with pink spot
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