Boon Reung

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Name(s) : Boon Reung means Successfull
Born : 1961
Gender : Female
Status : is at Elephants World

Boon Reung arrived at ElephantsWorld in November 2016. Before coming to ElephantsWorld she worked in a trekking camp and was underfed. When she arrived Boon Reung didn’t want to get close to the other elephants. She simply just walked away from the others. Her favorite fruits are bananas, papayas, and watermelons. She has no more teeth left, so she must rely on soft food. In order to feed her watermelons we must peel the skin for her.

Her temper

  • Usually stay alone
  • Very sensitive
  • Favorite fruits are bananas and watermelons

How to recognize Boon Reung

  • Slender face
  • Sunk in head and cheeks
  • She has a flat back
  • Very few & short eye lashes
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