Aum Pan

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Name(s) : Aum Pan means Amber
Born : 1936 Surin
Gender : Female
Weight : 3200 kg
Background : Logging and trekking in Tak, Chiang Mai, and Phitsanulok / Ceremonies in Phichit
Status : is at Elephants World

Aum Pan is our oldest elephant atElephantsWorld. In comparison to some of the other elephants Aum Pan is one of the few elephants who didn’t have a hard working life. Her owner Bok Chanthima donated her to ElephantsWorld because he wanted her to spend her retirement with other elephants in a safe environment. He and his family escorted her to ElephantsWorld, attended her welcome ceremony and helped her get used to her new home by walking around ElephantsWorld’s with her. They still visit once in a while to bring Aum Pan’s favorite fruit and to check if she is doing well. Even though Aum Pan is quite old she looks very healthy. She is fatter than some of the other old elephants, and she still has some teeth.

Her temper

  • Gets tired fast
  • Gentle
  • Loves to swim and to float in the river
  • Likes to eat the leaves of the tamarind trees

How to recognize Aum Pan

  • Looks very healthy, no injuries
  • Has white spots near her eyes
  • Eats slow
  • Still has some teeth
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