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Below are some of the stories the visitors of ElephantsWorld wrote in our guestbooks.


« Had a fantastic time here at ElephantsWorld! Loved everything about it! The overnight program was great and such a special experience being so close to elephants! Thank you so much! « 
Ali from the Netherlands.

« Such a wonderful place. A true meaning of the word « sanctuary ». One of my best experiences in life. Thank you so much for such a blessed day. »
Ryan from England.

« Fantastic experience and worth every penny seeing the great work being carried out and being able to join in was such a privilege. Would love to support in the future in some way. »
Robin, Penny, Dave & Sarah from Chesam, Bucks, England.

« Thank you for everything, we had a great time in the overnight program. We love the work you have done and the love you give to the elephants. We wish there were more people like all of you. We hope to come back here some day ! »
Love, Celina & Valeria from Argentina.

« An awesome day with these big animals. We loved all the activities and enjoyed feeding them and swimming with them.
You do a great job here »
Daniela & Simon from Czech Republic & Switzerland.

« Wonderful day ! Thanks to the volunteers, mahouts & elephants! »
Con & Gretje from Germany.

« ElephantsWorld, Staff & Elephants,
Thank you so much for such a great experience. We learned a lot and everyone was very friendly. Best day! »
Larissa & Zac from Canada & USA.