Below are some of the stories the visitors of ElephantsWorld wrote in our guestbooks.

“This day was awesome. Enjoyed every second of it! Beautiful to see how they can live here. Good job to all of you, many thanks.” Lis, Egmond. The Netherlands.

“Vielen dank fur die schonen Stunden mit den Elefanten. Besondes das Baden mit den Elefanten hat unserere Tochter (5 Jahre) sehr gut gefallen. Wis weiden Euch weiter empfehen.”
Tonsten, Kalhein, & Mora aus Deutschland.

“What an amazing experience. To spend the day with these amazing animals. It was also great for the kids, they had the time of their life. Everything and everybody was also very childfriendly. Thanks a lot for everything!” Karen, Erwin, Imke & Nils, The Netherlands.

“These elephants are amazingly beautiful. What an incredible experience. The volunteers are so helpful. You guys do the great work here”. Kelsey Rogers, Canada.

“I had the most amazing time at ElephantsWorld today! Thank you for this amazing experience! I will definitely recommend this to friends and family. This was by far the best way to spend with the elephants, learn about them and take part in their care. I hope that thing only get better here and more elephants are able to be freed from labour and harm. All the best to ElephantsWorld.” LBW Crew, Christina.